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JS Gaviotta Sports Day

Report by Thalassa Bisdee, 7/2/07

Sports day at Juan Salvador Gaviotta Escuela (a primary school for hearing impaired children) takes place every week on Thursday or/and Friday. Volunteers are invited to take part in sports activites coordinated by the physical education teacher, Jose. He is very open to new ideas, games, suggestions in promoting physical health. Usually suggestions can be incorporated on the day of the event, but if it is something major then maybe some preplanning is required. The kids really enjoy these interactions, they are very friendly and enjoy doing new things and it is always a great experience for both parties.

Dutch volunteer Iljitsj was able to initiate these sports days at JSG. He really enjoyed spending time with the kids and got to appreciate the special world which they live in, being deaf and/or mute. He taught them some new streches, how to leap frog each other, and got some pointers from the kids on how to improve his soccer game!

Be involved
Simply contact us via email to find out how to be apart of the sport days at Juan Salvador Gaviotta Escuela.