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Christo Rompe las Cadenas
Financed privately, Colombian.

Address: Zaragocilla, Calle 29, #28-41
Tel: (+57) 5 669 0541/669 0389
Director: Jorge Perez

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How to get there Bus to Campestre or Zarragocilla from India Catalina bus stop asked to be let off in front of Cruz Roja (red cross). It's in an orange building one block from red cross.

This is a foundation that takes in ex male drug addicts of whom are 15 years and older. They provide a place to live, eat and work on various projects to make money for the foundation. One can stay for up to one year in this foundation with the goal being to rehabilitate and reintroduce them to their families. It is a Christian affiliated organization that has existed for 5 years and has a capacity of 45 men; 23 at the farm facility and 22 in the barrio Espania location. The participants do not pay to enter the program. It is funded privately through various donations and money raised by goods raised on the farm and other handicrafts made by the participants. There is also a second location situated on a farm in Turbaco.

Ongoing activities
John, a local Colombian artisan, has been teaching hammock making and various handicrafts. Laura a volunteer from England with a background in teaching languages to adults with learning difficulties has been giving English and Spanish lessons.

Wish list:
Clothes, mattreses, beds, shoes. Teachers for basic spanish reading and writing. English teachers. People willing to teach a handicraft, or manufacturing of something that they can make and potential sell to help with funding the organization. Donations to the farm so that they can buy land adjacent to expand the existing farm. Connect with affiliate in the states that can help with fundraising. A web page.

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Address: Zaragocilla, Calle 29, #28-41
Tel: (+57) 5 669 8659
Director: Maria Isabel Rodriguez

The state run juvenile detention centre. Read here for more information.

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Address: Centro, Calle 32 , #8 A-50, Edificio Concasa, Pisos 6 y 7
Tel: (+57) 5 663 7634
Internet: http://www.icbf.gov.co

The head office for the ICBF in Cartagena. It is relatively easy to talk with the director here, but it can be difficult to get the information that you may require.

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Centro Zonal ICBF Historico y del Caribe Norte

Address: Barrio Torices, Calle Bogota, #14A-34
Tel: (+57) 5 656 2694/656 1535

The first point of contact for children wishing to leave the streets for an institution.

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Secretaría de Educación

Address: Centro, San Diego, Carrera 9 #39-12
Tel: (+57) 5 664 2422

This office keeps the records about everything related to education in Cartagena. Very helpful staff. Note that despite the year round heat you will not be permitted into the building unless you are wearing full length pants and closed toe shoes.

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Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (DAS)

Address: Pie de la Popa, Carrera 20 B, #29-18
Tel: (+57) 5 6562524 - extension 15
Internet: http://www.das.gov.co/

The immigration office used for visas and visa extensions.